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The Production

Brooke deRosa’s Alice in Wonderland is a new interactive operatic musical experience that invites the audience to explore the childhood story we all know and love while inviting them to take an active part.  Just like with the “Choose Your Own Adventure" books, the audience will decide for Alice which door to go through, whether to eat first or drink first, and which path to follow. So we invite you to Wonderland, join the party, but just don’t lose your head!

Brooke deRosa's Alice in Wonderland is a unique musical composition. Audiences who love classically inspired pieces like The Phantom of the Opera, My Fair Lady, and Candide will be thrilled with deRosa's music, and will be eager to join in on Alice's adventures.


Welcome to Wonderland!


Sashell Beck, Soprano - Alice 
Corinne Schaefer, Soprano - Lorina


Who Are You?

Guido Gottenbos, Bass - Caterpillar
Sashell Beck, Soprano - Alice 


I'm the Mad Hatter

Norbert Kohler, Tenor - Mad Hatter
Sashell Beck, Soprano - Alice 


Off With Their Heads!

Corinne Schaefer, Soprano - Queen of Hearts


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